Understanding the Bahá'í Faith (arab.)

Momen, Wendi and Moojan
Understanding the Bahá'í Faith (arab.)
ISBN 978-3-87037-259-0
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Einband Softcover
Umfang 318 Pages
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This book is distinguished by dealing with important aspects of the Bahá'í Faith, established by Bahá'u'lláh, and clarifies its worldwide spread in spite of the suffering of its followers. The first chapters emphasize to reveal the corner stone of the Bahá'í Faith, it being the belief in the one only God, and throw the guidance of the prophets and messengers, who invited the people of the world to a spiritual life and stressed its role in the life of the individual, the family and the society. The following chapters explain views on certain social issues and points out how the Bahá'is offer service such as nurturing, development, growth, economy, health and many others to mankind without dissimilation of race, sex, color or religion, and clarifies true Bahá'i vision for a united world and true quality of life in a Bahá'í community. The last chapter gives a concise history of the Faith and its principles.

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