Àthar-i Qalamí-yi Jináb-i Samandar
The Writings of Shaykh Muhammad Kázim-i Samandar and Certain Related Works
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Shaykh Muhammad Kázim-i Samandar is one of the Apostles of Bahá’u’lláh and ranks among the towering figures of His Cause. One of his signal services has been to pen a few historical accounts that shed light on the key events and prominent individuals associated with the early days of this Dispensation. The compiler of these works has drawn upon the original documents that have been preserved by the descendants of Samandar and has made every attempt to ensure the highest degree of faithfulness and accuracy in editing them. He has, moreover, provided a number of additional documents, maps, pictures and a family tree that further complement and expound the contents of this book.