Bahá'í Ethics (Vol. 1)

Schaefer, Udo
Bahá'í Ethics (Vol. 1)
Volume 1: Doctrinal Fundamentals This major study is a step towards developing a Bahá'i moral theology.
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Udo Schaefer’s Bahá’í Ethics in Light of Scripture is an attempt to analyse the underlying structures and detect the interior architecture of the Bahá’í moral system and is a step towards developing a Bahá’í moral theology. Doctrinal Fundamentals, the first of two volumes, provides a historical overview of the Bahá'í Faith, a systematic survey of it doctrines and an overview of the origin and derivation of moral values. It considers the metaphysical nature of man and man’s responsibilities, looks at reason and conscience, and explores liberty and its limits. Schaefer's second volume (forthcoming) deals with concrete values – the virtues, divine commandments and principles of social ethics from a Bahá’í perspective.

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