Bahá'í Ethics (Vol. 2)

Schaefer, Udo
Bahá'í Ethics (Vol. 2)
Volume 2: Virtues and Divine Commandments - Volume 2 in this major study towards developing a Bahá'i moral theology.
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Bahá’í Ethics in Light of Scripture attempts to analyse the underlying structures and detect the interior architecture of the Bahá’í moral system and is a step towards developing a Bahá’í moral theology. Finely argued and meticulously researched and annotated, Virtues and Divine Commandments, the second of two volumes, considers the structures of the moral order and its concrete values – the virtues, divine commandments and principles of social ethics, including justice, from a Bahá’í perspective.Includes an appendix on art and morality and correspondence with the Universal House of Justice on issues considered in the book.

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