Bahá'í World in Memoriam

Bahá'í World in Memoriam
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In Memoriam 1992-1997 is a supplement to the series of editions of The Baha'i World. This volume contains some 180 articles about believers who had served the Faith in some significant manner and passed away between Ridvan 1992 and Ridvan 1997.

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"From its fourth volume (1930-1932), The Baha'i World, the preparation of which was guided until his passing by Shoghi Effendi, has contained an ""In Memoriam"" section, providing readers with articles concerning the lives of the believers who have rendered outstanding international service to the Faith and who had passed from this earthly plane during the time covered by the relevant volume. When it was decided to publish The Baha'i World in an annual edition following 1992, it became necessary to restrict such information to short obituary notes.This, then, is the first ""In Memoriam"" supplement to The Baha'i World, offering inspirational background about some of the believers who have served in some significant manner during their brief lives. May their stories provide the reader with a glimpse of how they translated into deeds and acts their love for Baha'u'llah and His message for mankind."

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