Hidden Words

Hidden Words
ISBN 978-1-84150-992-1
Bestell-Nr. 6WAR-013
Einband Softcover
Maße 12 x 17 cm
Gewicht 170 g
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A collection of meditational verse exploring the eternal relationship between God and man, composed by the founder of the Bahá'i Faith about the year 1858 as he walked, wrapt in contemplation beside the River Tigris in Baghdad, where He was exiled (1853-1863).

This illustrated version dives into the essential moods and creative mysteries of the word of God and rises to the surface of this infinite ocean to leave a ripple of visual illumination on the surface realm.

This marvellous synthesis of heavenly counsels and admonitions can be described as a perfect guide-book for the journey whereby the bird of the human heart can cleanse its wings from the defilement of this world and resume its flight unto the realms of God.

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