The dynamics of growth

Khadem Khodadad, Jena
The dynamics of growth
Scientific Principles at Work in the Worldwide Advancement of the Bahá’í Faith
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At this time, as the Bahá’í world community is positioned for accelerated large-scale growth, this book focuses attention on those growth-enhancing elements which are implemented through the plans of the Bahá’í world directed by the world governing body of the Bahá’í Faith, the Universal House of Justice.

Attainment of the mission of Bahá’u’lláh for this age – the coming together of all races, tribes, nations, classes and religions in one world culture and civilization – requires that the world-redeeming principles of the Bahá’í Faith be made known to vast numbers of the inhabitants of this planet. Its precepts have the power to spark collective transformation in the character of the human race, tantamount to a spiritual renaissance. Such magnitude in societal change is the precondition for the establishment of a vital and sustainable global civilization. It is for this reason that the advancement of the Bahá’í community is fundamental to the actualization of the vision of Bahá’u’lláh for humanity.

Growth is a dynamic process; unforeseen and unanticipated factors can suddenly propel a significant acceleration. This work explores principles and insights using a number of scientific theories from the author’s fields of study and interest, such as the generation of the laser beam, or the science of chaos and its butterfly effect. The approach offered here can bring into synergy perspectives in affirmation of a fundamental assertion of the Bahá’í Faith: the principle of harmony between science and religion.

The flow of the course of history, its direction, progression and culmination in a unified history of humankind, holds rich insights on those essential factors which are bound to influence the advancement of the Bahá’í Faith. The stages entailed in the progressive advancement of scientific truth have fascinating counterparts in the stages entailed in the Bahá’í premise of the oneness of religion and ‘progressive revelation’.

Although there is a rich repository of authoritative writings on this subject, the application of scientific principles to the advancement of the Bahá’í Faith is a novel approach meriting attention and reflection.

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