Marriage can be forever - Preparation counts!

Alexander, Susanne M. and Wu, Johanna Merritt
Marriage can be forever - Preparation counts!
Walking a Path to a Spiritually-Based Marriage
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Newly Revised and Expanded Third Edition! Marriage Can Be Forever—Preparation Counts! is an indispensable, hands-on workbook based on the teachings of the Baha'i Faith that will first guide your own heart, mind, and soul along the path of self-discovery; then, it prepares you as a couple through the friendship, courting, parental consent, and engagement processes that lead to marriage. Poetry, prose, spiritual quotations, a couple’s story, insightful perspectives, coaching, discussion questions, cartoons, worksheets, and activities engage you in the enjoyable and practical application of spiritual concepts that apply to the marriage preparation process. Contains some Bahá’í quotations not available elsewhere. Note: Approx. 25% of the content is very specific for Baha'is or those in relationships with Baha'is; the balance is general relationship content. What Is New in the Third Edition • Discussion questions for the story segments and quotations • Additional quotations, some of which are not available through other sources • Chapter 18 on intercultural relationships/marriages • Significantly rewritten/expanded chapters: Chapter 12 on chastity; Chapter 19 on equality, Chapter 29 on responding to difficulties, and Chapter 33 for parents about consent • Expanded number of activities, especially new ones that include the use of the arts • New worksheets on character and time management/service activities • New set of character qualities and definitions (Chapter 6 and Appendix A) • Step summary and reflection pages • Completely revised and updated content throughout • Larger fonts, columns, and more white space • Printed on recycled paper A Message from Susanne and Johanna We invite you to walk the “marriage preparation path” with practical feet. As you work through this book, you might be concerned that all this preparation and practicality seem unromantic. We firmly believe that attraction, love, and romance are components of lasting marriages. We also believe that close friendship and compatibility are factors that contribute to lasting attraction, love, and romance. Creating a living, spiritual marriage is far more joyful and lasting than the brief rush that comes from “falling in love.” So, think of this book as a guidebook filled with wisdom for the body, mind, heart, and soul. This outlook will empower you to walk the path and create a firm partnership with someone. The goal is not simply to have an exciting whirlwind romance (which often does not last), but to stay happily married forever

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