CD: ten a penny

Cooper, Jody
CD: ten a penny
Bestell-Nr. 6CDS-132
Umfang 14 Musikstücke
Maße 12 x 12 cm
Gewicht 25 g
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The genesis of 'Ten a Penny' began in 2001 with the writing of a collection of songs after a five-year creative hiatus. Over the next two years the songs kept coming and it is this - along with a number of tracks from his extensive back-catalogue that had never been recorded - that forms the nucleus of the album. Recorded and mixed between 2003-05, then later mastered and manufactured during 2006-07, the work represents the culmination of fifteen years as a songwriter and a lifelong dream. Many of the songs are personal and based on observations and life experiences - all linked by a contemplative attitude that is spiritual in nature. The album's mixture of styles reflects the artist's eclectic influences and his refusal to be bound by genre definitions. Self-financed, mixed and produced - as well as playing nearly all the instruments - it would be fair to say that Jody has put his heart and soul into creating a work that is much more than 'ten a penny.'

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