Kamal's day

Hosack, Leona
Kamal's day
ISBN 978-0-87743-717-8
Bestell-Nr. 6BDS-193
Einband Hardcover
Umfang 43 pages
Maße 22 x 22 cm
Gewicht 320 g
Preis 14,00inkl. ges. MwSt.
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Join Kamal as he goes about a typical day in his neighborhood, spending time with his family, attending a neighborhood children's class, visiting an elderly neighbor, playing with his friends, and helping his parents host a study circle. Kamal's Day offers us a glimpse of a young person who is fully engaged in the community-building process, and it is hoped that Kamal will offer families inspiration and encouragement as they strive to be of service in their communities.

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