The Covenant for Young People

Tanyi, Enoch N.
The Covenant for Young People
An explanation of the Covenant for children and those new to the Bahá'í Faith.
ISBN 978-0-85398-337-8
Bestell-Nr. 6RON-622
Einband Softcover
Umfang 44 pages
Maße 17 x 25 cm
Gewicht 120 g
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* Why is the rainbow the symbol of the Covenant?
* What is the purpose of the Covenant?
* How can we be faithful to the Covenant?

The Covenant for Young People answers these questions - and many others - in a short, simple and direct way.
To make it even easier to understand the Covenant, you will find that the book:

* contains 19 short chapters, each looking at a different theme
* explains difficult or unusual words when they first appear
* is set in a large typeface for easy reading

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