Mema Says Good-Bye

Cynthia Jaskwhich
Mema Says Good-Bye
Illustrator: Luthando Mazibuko
ISBN 978-0-87743-710-9
Bestell-Nr. 6BDS-034
Einband Softcover
Umfang 44 pages
Maße 22 x 22 cm
Gewicht 305 g
Preis 9,00inkl. ges. MwSt.
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In this sweet and comforting story, Emily and Mckinney learn from their grandmother that, due to illness, she will be leaving this world shortly for the next world. The three engage in a thoughtful and loving conversation about the special moments they have shared together and the transition that lies ahead for Mema as she prepares to wing her flight to the spiritual realm. Drawing its inspiration from the Baha'i writings, this book is designed to help families with young children approach an often difficult subject in a thoughtful and caring manner.

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