Sweet Neighbors Come in all Colors

Lisa Blecker
Sweet Neighbors Come in all Colors
Sing along with friendly fruit from the Farmers' Market who come in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes. Young children will enjoy exploring what makes these neighbors different, the same, and all so lovable. This hardcover picture book introduces the concepts of unity and diversity through adorable characters and simple, rhyming lyrics. Ideal for children ages 2-5.

ISBN 978-1-61851-128-7
Bestell-Nr. 6BDS-037
Einband Softcover
Maße 21 x 23 cm
Gewicht 320 g
Preis 14,00inkl. ges. MwSt.
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Visit SweetNeighbors.org to hear the song and watch the video. www.sweetneighors.org

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