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Rezaei, Saeid
A Canopied Alley of Solitude (persian)
Poems by Saeid Rezaei

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compiled Hoshang Goharriz
A study guide to the Tablets of Ahmad in arabic and persian (pers)

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Mehrabkhani, Ruhu'llah
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Bushrui, Suheil
Abdul-Baha's Visit to Egypt
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of 'Abbas Effendi's visits to Egypt.

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Khan, Janet and Khan, Peter
Advancement of Women (persian)
A Bahá'í Perspective on the Advancement of Women

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Rafati, V.
Amr-i-Bahá'í dar Ardakán
The Bahá'í Faith in Ardakan

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Zabihi, Ziaullah
Aqibat-bi Kheyr (pers.)

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Amini, Tooraj
Asnad Bahaeian Iran
Documents on the Bahá'ís of Iran 1941-1952

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Furutan, Ali-Akbar
Bahá'í lessons for the Youth by Hand of the Cause Ali Akbar Foroutan

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