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Ramzi, Nika
Shoa-i-Jahanfruz (pers.)
Shoghi Effendi appointed Mr. Alaí as one of the first group of Hands in 1952, and thereafter he travelled extensively, visiting Bahá’í communities in many parts of the world.

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Bushrui, Suhail und Monfared, Ashkan
Dar Úili Shajarih-i Mitháq Khátiráti Badi'i Bushru'i
Mr. Bushrui's journal, who was the secretary of 'Abdu'l Bahá. He describes how it was to be in day-to-day company of the Center of the Convenant.

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Amini, Tooraj
Abul-Fazáel Golpáygání dar Àyeneh-ye Asnád
This book is based on the works and writings of Abul-Fazáel Golpáygání who believed to the Bahá'í Religion and lived in the early period of the Bahá'í Faith.

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Giachery, Ugo
Shoghi Effendi - Khaterat-e Ugo Giachery (pers.)
Ugo Giachery, Hand of Cause, has written not only a biography, but his personal experiences of Shoghi Effendi, Guardian of the Bahai Faith.

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Redá'i, Shokuh
Hazirat-ul-Quds-e Tehran
The House of Worship in Tehran.

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Rafati, Vahid
Yádnámiy-i-Ishráq Khávarí

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Sabet, Mahvash
Mara to dar nazar avar
Prison Poems

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Fatheazam, Hushmand
Bahr-I Pur Gawhar
A Survey of the Writings of Shoghi Rabbani (Effendi) in Persian

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Mohammadhosein, N.
"Story of Tahirih ""The Pure One"""

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Nakhjavani, Violette & Bahiyyih
Maxwell of Montreal (pers.)
One family, bonded in their love for the Bahá'í Faith and for each other, committed through decades of uninterrupted service to the promotion and establishment of that Faith worldwide.

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